Behind The Label is a consumer-based informational website with a specialty in supplements.

We answer the most commonly asked questions regarding specific supplements (e.g. like TouchingHeartsTouchingMinds study of Arthrozene) along with additional resources which can give you further information.

Or maybe you want to know about the latest shred supplement ShredCBD, we’ll give you all that info and more.

How works

We find common unanswered questions about supplements on the market – like the best nootropics over on, and we answer them.

This can be anything from what the ingredients are, to whether a certain product can be taken with a particular condition. We do the research and give you our best answer.

No matter how big the name is – or how obscure (for example this Leanbean review from ValueNetwork), if you’re interested in finding out the answer to a question surrounding it – chances are we are too.

Maybe you’re just looking for a multivitamin in the UK – we can help you with that too.

Who We Are – Information and Disclaimer

BehindTheLabel is run by supplement hobbyists. We have an interest in supplements and love giving information about them – but we are not qualified experts.

None of the advice of this website should be used as medical advice. The Behind The Label team are not qualified or certified to give it.

If you have any concerns about taking a supplement, we suggest that you speak to your doctor or a qualified professional before doing so.

What We Do and Why

We combine publicly available information together through hours of research and create content that answers questions regarding supplements. It’s to answer needs of those who are curious about specific supplements.

We do this because there is currently no alternative online. There are plenty of websites which review supplements, but not many that answer specific questions. We save you the time of sifting through all the irrelevant information and give you the answer you want directly.

Where to go next?

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