Is Leanbean FDA approved?

Is Leanbean FDA approved?

No. Leanbean is not FDA approved. However, it is the next best thing, Leanbean is prepared in FDA approved facilities.

These facilities are also cGMP approved which means ‘Current Goods Manufacturing Process’ essentially being that Leanbean is made to the highest possible standard.

Why Leanbean is not FDA approved

Leanbean is not FDA approved because it is a natural supplement.

The FDA only approved drugs, not dietary aids (which is technically what supplements are).

This extends to all natural supplements you find on the market. It contains no drugs and is not prescribed the FDA can’t approve it because it’s not in their juristiction. It’s the equivalent of the FDA trying to approve green tea as an approved drug – it doesn’t work.

Is Lean Bean safe?

Leanbean is safe for the average person to take.

We haven’t heard any reports of it causing side effects.

It is meat free and hasn’t been linked to causing any side effects. That said, if you have any concerns you should check with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

If you have any preexisting conditions or allergies that would be affected by the ingredients in Leanbean then it would not be safe for you to take.

Is LeanBean FDA approved?: Learn More

As you can see, there is FDA approval on Leanbean as it is a supplement.

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