Does Leanbean have caffeine?

Does Leanbean have caffeine?

No. Leanbean no longer contains any caffeine.

Leanbean did have a very small amount of caffeine which stemmed from the Green Tea which used to be in this weight loss aid.

Given that Green Tea is not highly caffeinated, it was only a trace amount that you got within Leanbean.

Where to buy Leanbean

Leanbean is only available on the official website. You cannot get in a store or in any of the other big online retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • GNC
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • iHerb
  • eBay

Or any of those websites. If you happen to see it, there is a good chance that this could be a fake version of Leanbean that has been used to generate sales off the back of their reputation.

You should only purchase Leanbean from the official site.

Does Leanbean have caffeine?: Learn More

As you can see, Leanbean no longer contains any caffeine.

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